Maple Ridge Home and Garden Tour

Sunday, October 5th, 1-5:00 pm

The Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association and the Maple Ridge Garden Club are proud to host the 16th Annual Home and Garden Tour on Sunday, October 5th.  This year we have seven wonderful homes and gardens to share with our neighbors.  Please bring your family and friends as we open our neighborhood for all to see.

1923 Italian Renaissance Revival
2202 South Madison Avenue
Garden Tour

1939 Stone-Clad Colonial Revival
133 East 26th Place
Home & Garden Tour

1918 Stucco-Clad Tudor-Style
1220 East 18th Street
Historic Living Quarters

1938 Colonial Revival-Style
104 East 26th Place
Garden Tour

1920 Solid Brick-Clad Tudor
302 East 29th Street

1920 South Cincinnati
Lee Elementary School

2006 Tudor-Style
15 West 22nd Street
Home & Garden Tour

Tickets are $10 for all homes and can be purchased at any of the homes and gardens on the tour.

About Maple Ridge

Holiday 2013 Newsletter

The Maple Ridge Neighborhood was established in the early 1900s in the heart of Tulsa when the area was still considered Indian Territory. Many of Tulsa’s early oil barons built their homes in Maple Ridge. The north side of Maple Ridge was once known as the “Silk Stocking” district.

Several of the streets meander like a European boulevard through the neighborhood. With its tree lined center median, Madison Avenue was patterned along the lines of the boulevards found in Paris. Madison Avenue became known as “Black Gold Row” because it was the center of the Silk Stocking district and many of the residents made their money from oil.

Today, Maple Ridge has approximately 1,800 households and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is a diverse area that includes historic homes, apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Maple Ridge continues to be one of the most beautiful and historic residential areas in Tulsa.

Maple Ridge sponsors several neighborhood-wide events including: the Memorial Day Run, the Home & Garden Tour and the Holiday Party.

Tom’s Outdoor Living is proud to provide the following services to the Maple Ridge neighborhood:
* Bi-monthly mowing of islands
* Monthly leaf removal
* Fertilization/Herbicide Services-all turf islands, five applications per year
* Spring mulching of island beds and tree wells
For any lawn care maintenance contract sold to a Maple Ridge homeowner, $50.00 of that purchase will pay for the homeowner’s dues to the Maple Ridge Neighborhood Association!